About us


LeucoTox integrates cutting-edge molecular biology with the ground-breaking developments in immuno-oncology that have occurred in oncology over the last years. This enables LeucoTox to generate state-of-the-art models to test unprecedented therapeutic approaches to leukemia therapy. The team at LeucoTox has dissected the signaling pathways controlling cellular integrity in leukemia over several years to understand vulnerabilities inherent to leukemic cells and devise strategies to utilize these vulnerabilities for drug development purposes.    


The team of Leucotox is composed of experienced molecular biologists, protein biochemists as well as physician scientists at the intersection of hematology, immunology and clinical medicine. This brings together extensive experience in signaling pathways, genetics, state-of-the-art model systems, and data science within the framework of an academia-inspired venture.

Support for all aspects of business development comes from our senior managing adivsor for strategic development with extensive experience in the healthcare sector.