Leucotox Consulting

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Leucotox Consulting guides you through the critical and complex process of conceptualizing early drug or biomarker implementation by supporting you during pre-clinical validation, academic as well as (pre-)seed funding acquisition and early clinical trial strategies using our rigorous approach driven by data, quality, and in-depth clinical integration. We facilitate the process, so you can make an informed and empowered decision.

pre-clinical validation

Focus on the critical pre-clinical analysis to provide for a clinical entry point for your idea thereby achieving your timelines while we provide you with the key insights, data analysis, and information you need to make your selection decisions.


Experience in both non-dilutive or dilutive funding options will help you to get your idea on track in the shortest possible time.  

early clinical trial strategies

As an independent and external partner, we have direct insights into all aspects of clinical implementation, early and advanced clinical trial conceptualization thereby facilitating direct comparison for your decision-making.

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